Captive Mounts


Captive Mounts are designed with an integral overload stop which controls the movement of equipment during transit and provides a fully fail safe arrangement. They are suitable for both Mobile & Static Applications.


• Static and mobile generators sets.

• Pumps, compressors, centrifugal fans and blowers.

• Railway equipment compartments.

• Marine engines (no thrust) and gearboxes 

• Electronic control panels.


• It is a universal mounting and is popular in a wide range of applications.

• Cost-Effective

• High performing & easy to install. 

• The rubber is used in shear/compression providing optimum performance and offers vibration reduction of up to 95%. 

• The metal top cap provides protection from contaminants such as Oil & Fuel, of load rating 20Kg to 4000Kg.


Natural Rubber (NR)

H = Total Height

L= Total Length 

D1 = Top Diameter

D2 = Bottom Diameter 

G = Thread Size

A = Hole – Hole Distance 

F x M = Hole Size 

S = Metal Thickness


Article No..H
L (mm)D1
GA (mm)FxM (mm)S (mm)
BCM 10631311065060M12758.3 x 163
BCM 10635351065060M12758.3 x 162
BCM 11035351105065M10/M12738.3 x 163
BCM 12035.335.31204763.5M10/M1210011 x 112
BCM 12830301285977M101109 x 92
BCM 128454513873.592M1611010.5 x 10.53
BCM 14436361447093M1012410 x 102.5
BCM 16940S4016977105M1614014 x 193
BCM 172383817281106M1613814 x 183
BCM 190505019083108M1616016.5 x 16.55
BCM 1924140.519290115M1615814 x 143
BCM 2164848216118145M1618214 x 194
BCM 21652S52216134155M1618214 x 194
BCM 1906666.5190140181M20 (Square Base Flange)16014 x 144
BCM 18086S86180141184M20 (Square Base Flange)14614 x 145
BCM 220105105220160220M24 (Square Base Flange)18018 x 186


Article No..
45 ShA60 ShA70 ShA
Maximum Load (KG)Static Deflection (MM)Maximum Load (KG)Static Deflection (MM)Maximum Load (KG)
Static Deflection (MM)
BCM 106319431703
BCM 106356331143
BCM 11035703.51243.51963.5
BCM 128301203.12203
BCM 12845350460047503
BCM 12035.36041184
BCM 144361803.53303
BCM 172382403.54503.5
BCM 16940S200640066006
BCM 1924142546904
BCM 12845350460047503
BCM 216487505.511005
BCM 190504003750314003
BCM 21652S4801080010170010
BCM 19066*150092300832006.4
BCM 18086S*85015150015
BCM 220105*16001634001250125.5