Platform Mount


Platform Mounts are designed with an integral overload stop which controls the movement of equipment during transit and provides a fully failsafe arrangement. They are suitable for both Mobile & Static Applications.


• Static deflection ranges from 5 to 12 mm. 

• Colour coded load range.

• Threaded top. 

• No -skid ribbed base.


Natural Rubber (NR)

H = Height

L= Length

D = Diameter

G = Tapped, Thread Size

A = Hole Distance

W = Flange Diameter 

K = Hole Diameter

S = Metal Thickness 


Article No..H (mm)L (mm)D (mm)G (mm)A (mm)W (mm)SK (mm)
BPM 8028288032M8604558.5
BPM 9830309845M10766068.5
BPM 140444414064M1210485614
BPM 1655545165100M12127110614
BPM 8035358032M8604558.5
BPM 9844449845M10766068.5
BPM 140727214064M1210485614
BPM 1657575165100M12127110614


Static Deflection

Article No..Max Load (kg)Static Deflection
BPM 8028605
BPM 98301756
BPM 140445006
BPM 1655518006
BPM 80356010
BPM 984417512
BPM 1407250012
BPM 16575180012