Waisted O Mounts


Waisted ‘O’ Mounts offer low shear stiffness properties and are available with various thread configurations.


• Lightweight equipment

• Vibratory feeder

• Electric motors

• Control panels


Natural Rubber

Chloroprene Rubber

H= Height

L = Thread Length

D= Diameter

G = Thread Size

These mounts are also availble in Male\Female and   Female\Female fittings.


Article No..H (mm)D (mm)G x L50SHA Compression (kg)50SHA Shear (kg)60SHA
Compression (kg)
60ShA Shear (kg)
BWM1010M41010M4 X 101.50.362.340.56
BWM1214M41412M4 X
BWM1515M41515M4 X
BWM2015M61520M6 X 18102.515.63.9
BWM2018M61820M6 X 1892.1143.2
BWM2020M62020M6 X 1881.912.53
BWM2030M63020M6 X 1861.592.3
BWM2520M62025M6 X 18143.4225.3
BWM2525M62525M6 X 20123194.5
BWM3020M82030M8 X 20174.2266.5
BWM3025M82530M8 X 20133204.7
BWM3838M103838M10 X 25235.6368.7
BWM4030M83040M8 X 23266.3409.8
BWM4048M84840M8 X 23245.6388.7
BWM4625M102546M10 X 2853138220
BWM5030M103050M10 X 2848127518
BWM5545M104555M10 X 284210.56516
BWM5744M104457M10 X 2864169825
BWM5745M104557M10 X 2858149022
BWM6036M103660M10 X 30761811828
BWM6060M106060M10 X 2858149123
BWM7053M125370M12 X 411062616540
BWM8065M146580M14 X 351834528570
BWM9077M167790M16 X 452185334083
BWM9575M167595M16 X 412405837490
BWM13096M1696130M16 X 4532078499122
BWM18075M2075180M20 X 45486118758184